Visionex: connecting worlds
With minister Stanislas Guerini, in charge of Public Administration, Paris July 6, 2023

Visionex organizes for the ‘French-Dutch Touch’ workshops and seminars, geared to the specific needs of the attendees. These meetings can be tuned for small teams (Directors, Executives, Country management, Product management, etc) or at large audiences (top 100, top 500 etc). Visionex often uses audiovisual presentations, including pictures, press clippings, cartoons etc. 

Multiday training sessions are also part of the Visionex portfolio. These intensive courses can be held at the premises of the company, or by deliberate contrast off site in appropriate locations, either in the Netherlands or in France.

Visionex caters too for courses and lectures at specific occassions, e.g. the start of combined Dutch-French activities, the completion of joint works, in honour of a special guest, the marking of a festive day, etc. The text is tailor made, and can be in English, Dutch or French.