Visionex: connecting worlds

Visionex means “Vision & Execution”. Thanks to an unrivalled knowledge of the French and Dutch corporate environment, Visionex is completely competent to assist executives in transborder governance and joint management. Experience gained with various cooperation models allows Visionex to advise companies on the intended governance model, from the drawing board to the implementation.

Fact is that the governance model in France differs substantially from the model applied in the Netherlands. The mere distance of less than 150 miles cannot hide the essential differences that exist in the way companies are managed and mergers conducted. Whereas the keyword in the Netherlands is ‘consensus’, the main characteristic of the French model is ‘hierarchy’. And though this is common knowledge in management circles, only few realize and understand the consequences ( and/or anticipate which sensitivities arise) once the Dutch and French cooperate closely in case of a merger, or report to new management.

History has shown that cooperation between Dutch and French companies has proven to be awkward. The risk of partial or total failure exists, and remains present throughout the lifetime of the combination. Yet the example of Air France – KLM, longstanding client of Visionex, shows that mutual success can be achieved.

Visionex answers questions about the top structure, the integration of management, the joint executive layer, the one tier or two tier board, etc.  Visionex also addresses common issues such as “how do I manage my foreign colleagues”, “how do I create loyalty”, “how can I be assured that decisions are carried out”, “who succeeds whom”, etc.